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Now you've got your car or bike, where can you use it........?

Some people have made purpose built tracks on a base board of hardboard or MDF, others just use the kitchen floor or dining table.
This page just shows you a few ideas for creating a track layout & preventing the cars taking a tabletop tumble!

The 20mm Conduit Way!

20mm plastic conduit is readily available from any electrical retailer, DIY outlet etc etc and is cheap! The range of items include 3m lengths of pipe, 90° connectors, 3 way connectors and stop connectors. The pipe just 'push-fits' into the connectors and is easily hacksawed to the required length. The perimeter of a track can easily be constructed from this conduit for only a few pounds, unclipped for storage (& mealtimes!) and added to and changed whenever required. Some of the fittings available are shown below:-

Lagging Raceway!

I have made a course for my Bit Char G's. It is built of 2 pieces of Hardboard and Pipe Lagging. It cost only £1.98 to build and consists of pipe lagging cut in half and attached to the hardboard with double sided tape. The hardboard was bought and the pipe lagging we already had. It also can be easily stored as it can break up into two segments, and can be laid flat. It is easy to construct and can be made into any Damon

Got a picture of your track? E-mail it to us and we'll show it here........!

Just keep the size of the pictures below 50Kb or our server just deletes them...!