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What are Micro r/c Racers?
They're the latest cool toy to emerge from Asia!
Very small (micro) radio controlled cars, measuring approximately 6cm bumper to bumper with fully functional (ie, forward/reverse & left/right) controls.
How do they work?
They use the latest nano electronics technology to achieve what was unimaginable 5 years ago.
Built into the car is a tiny rechargeable battery (upgradable) which, when charged from the handset provided, will give upto 5 mins racing time. The handset (transmitter) is in turn powered by 2xAA batteries.
Their power is derived from a tiny motor (upgradable) transmitted through tiny gear cogs (upgradable) to the rear wheels (tyres upgradable).
There are several frequencies used, so you & your friends can race up to four at a time.
Due to their small size they need a smooth, clean racing surface, hence they are sometimes referred to as 'tabletop' racers, but don't drive them off the table onto a hard floor - they don't like it!

Whats the difference between Bit Char-G's, Lxx Char-G's, Bit Char-A's & Bullets?
Bit Char-G's are the original (and some say the best!) of the micro cars, made in the Far East under license from Tomy.
The others are all copies (or as we like to call them 'clones!') of the Bit Char-G's, but at a cheaper price. The difference in quality is very hard to spot and normally the accessories we sell will fit all cars, unless we say otherwise.
We always sell the Bit Char-G's, and then sell the best clones which we can find, at a price that makes them attractive.
The sources we use for the clones are 'intermittent' so there may be periods of time when some cars are shown 'Out of Stock' for a period of time.
Why do we sell them?
Because they're so good!
When we first saw those we just had to have some, but had great difficulty in finding a reliable source in the UK, so 'Our Man in Japan' sent some over, and we haven't looked back since!

Why have we started selling cars on eBay?

Its a great way to get the products to new customers and just like you, we love the fun of an auction and guessing how much things will go for. For those of you how can't wait for the end of an auction to get your hands on one of these we also sell direct, just look at our ordering page.

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Why should you buy from us?
Because we're nice people...........and we carry a large range in stock for immediate dispatch, are efficient and caring!

We're here to serve you.........!